Featured Objects

Vine Drops

Vine drop earrings are hollow.. they look substantial but won't drag on your ears!  Made from fine silver,… [more]

Vine Drops Vine Drops

Peacock Infinity

Beautiful circle of fine silver accented with 22kt gold, a blue topaz, amethyst and an iolite.… [more]

Peacock Infinity Peacock Infinity

Orissa Pendant

Evocative of a compass, the orissa pendant is formed in fine silver, 22kt gold and orissa garnet points.… [more]

Orissa Pendant Orissa Pendant

Heart and Soul Pendant

Beautiful "Heart and Soul" pendant is made formed from fine silver, 22kt gold and a large garnet point.… [more]

Heart and Soul Pendant Heart and Soul Pendant

Pretty Horses Pendant

"Pretty Horses" pendant in fine silver, is embellished with 22kt gold and a 5mm garnet point on it's… [more]

Pretty Horses Pendant Pretty Horses Pendant

Florentine Earrings

"Florentine" earrings in fine silver, they are embellished with 22kt gold and a pierced work cross/star… [more]

Florentine Earrings Florentine Earrings

Autumn Leaf Shield

"Autumn leaf shield" pendant in fine silver, is embellished with 22kt gold and a smokey quartz point… [more]

Autumn Leaf Shield Autumn Leaf Shield

“Florentine” Pendant

"Florentine" pendant in fine silver, is embellished with 22kt gold and a secret garnet garland on the… [more]

“Florentine” Pendant "Florentine" Pendant

Tamah’s Templar Orb

First commission piece. Tamah is a writer and wanted something that she could write into one of her books.… [more]

Tamah’s Templar Orb Tamah's Templar Orb

“Time Machine”

Reminiscent of the age of Jules Verne, "Time Machine" is constructed on fine silver (99.9% silver) 22kt… [more]

“Time Machine” "Time Machine"


…to Relicuus.

I’m a Fine Silver Artisan living in Bungendore, Australia.

I’ve only been working in metal a short time, having spent most of my artistic career in ceramics and beading. I’m now completely in love with the medium, and I feel like I have finally found my “home” in craftsmanship.

My inspiration comes from my own celtic and saxon origins as well as from history and archaeology. I love to create something new, but with an ancient feel to it.

I have listed some of the objects I have created below.  Click on the pictures to view more about each piece.  I take commission work, so if you have an idea of what you would like, please contact me as I’d love to work with you to bring it to life.


For Sale

Commissioned Work

Private Collection of the Artisan